The Alliance for Vehicle Efficiency is a partnership committed to promoting the energy efficiency and environmental benefits of advanced clean diesel technology for passenger  vehicles in the U.S. marketplace. It is the only advocacy group  exclusively dedicated to clean diesel passenger vehicles.

The Alliance, based in Washington, D.C., advocates for technology-neutral public policies and regulations that reward innovation and help maximize fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions in the U.S.

Key Issues

The Aliiance has outlined three key issues impacting the adoption of clean diesel vehicles in the United States:

Technology Neutrality:

Public policies and regulations should reward innovation and provide equal market opportunities for all advanced technology passenger vehicles. No specific vehicle technology will meet all of America’s driving needs. All options must be available in order to achieve our legislative and societal objectives of improving fuel economy, reducing emissions and advancing energy independence.

Fuel Tax Parity:

Federal fuel tax policy was designed to support the Highway Trust Fund. Yet current tax levels are unequally applied and with rising vehicle efficiency, cannot provide enough revenue to fully fund our infrastructure needs. The Alliance supports eliminating the unfair tax burden on diesel consumers and strongly recommends creating a level playing field and a more stable method for funding the Highway Trust Fund. That is, a method which imposes the same burdens on all highway users
irrespective of the fuel or power-train system used for a vehicle.

Efficiency & Emissions Policy:

Congress, the Administration, and the States should implement predictable and performance-based efficiency and emissions policy that rewards outcomes. A suite of technology solutions that suit the disparate driving needs of consumers and are based on real world driving will achieve real results in our shared goals of increasing efficiency
and reducing emissions.